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From a true desert plant that thrives in the hot dry conditions of the Australian Outback … Golden Jojoba Oil

Jojocare is the brand name chosen to represent the company Jojoba Australia Pty Ltd which was established by its farmer shareholders in 1988.


Australia did not have a jojoba industry nor indeed did the world until whaling was banned from the oceans in the early 1970s. Sperm whales had provided the much sought after liquid wax ester for cosmetics since whaling began. Jojoba seed was known to produce an almost identical liquid wax ester (albeit without the fishy smell) and was indigenous to SW USA and northern Mexico.

In the 1970s Australian tax incentives saw much money lost on schemes to grow jojoba from seed. Unfortunately much of the seed produced male plants – female plants are needed to produce the jojoba seed from which the oil is extracted.


In a joint research program through late 1970s & 1980s Bob Dunstone (CSIRO) and Peter Milthorpe (NSW Dept of Agriculture) methodically worked to select and trial new varieties of the jojoba plant that might make them suitable for commercial farming in the dry inland regions of Australia. Five varieties of the male and female plants were deemed suitable (their given names reflected the aboriginal tribal names & heritage of western NSW).

When propagation of these varieties was made available in sufficient quantities, an emerging industry was born. Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) is a true desert plant that thrives on the red soils and ripens under the hot dry conditions of the Australian Outback.

Jojoba Australia Pty Ltd is a company made up of dedicated jojoba growers from two states of Australia (NSW and Qld) and is the principal source for Australian golden jojoba oil representing as it does over 90% of Australian growers.


The co operative type structure of our company enables us to track and monitor jojoba quality from the farm to the container to you. Shareholder members attend regular meetings and field days to ensure that they have in place the most efficient means of plantation management and an effective system of quality control for their jojoba products.

Our jojoba growers are dedicated to sustainable farming and protection of the environment. Jojoba plantations remove recharge water from water tables that would otherwise threaten the land with salt damage. Australian jojoba is produced without the use of insecticides, does not use transgenic plants and does not test on animals.