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JOJOBA (oil) is a liquid wax ester

Jojoba seeds look a little like roasted coffee beans when harvested. Jojoba (botanically Simmondsia chinensis) does not store tri-glycerides in the seed as other oil-seed plants do but accumulates a unique wax ester that is known as jojoba oil. This wax has a chemical structure that resists oxidation that which causes rancidity in other plant oils.

The stellar role of a wax ester is that it controls moisture levels in the skin and hair – making it an ideal choice if you are looking to buy a natural moisturiser. Our skin has microscopic glands that secrete an oily/wax matter called sebum which lubricates and waterproofs our skin and hair. It provides softness and flexibility to the skin.

Golden jojoba has a very similar chemical structure to sebum and imitates its functionality. Applied directly to the skin, golden jojoba is rapidly absorbed to the intercellular spaces below the surface without clogging pores and hair follicles, leaving the skin silky smooth. If you are looking to buy a face and body moisturiser, this is an effective, natural choice.


Why buy moisturiser products online that are laden with additives when it is jojoba, the essential ingredient, which does the work.

Apply our cold-pressed Australian jojoba oil to your face, around your eyes, feet, lips, arms, legs … the whole body … and don’t forget your scalp. When it comes to jojoba oil for the face, you will be pleased to know that it suits a wide range of skin types. Many people use jojoba oil for wrinkles, as it helps to maintain skin moisture and elasticity by creating a thin, non-greasy layer that retains water. For those with oily skin, jojoba oil fights acne. By merging with the skin’s sebum, it works by tricking it into regulating the production of sebum.


Use golden jojoba straight for all types of massage or use it as a superior base for massage and aromatherapy blends. The additional benefits to using jojoba oil for massage are … no more oily patches on salon towels and sheets … no more oily patches on client’s clothes. Add to this the free skin moisturising treatment that goes along with the massage itself, and you have a high-performance, affordable alternative to cheap massage oils that are loaded with additives. If you are looking to buy massage oil, jojoba oil is the best choice.

JOJOCARE: 100% Jojoba Oil

Our Jojocare product is 100% pure golden jojoba oil. Farmers grow the bushes to produce jojoba seed from which the jojoba oil is extracted by mechanical cold-press method and filtered to 1 micron. Neither heat nor chemicals are used in the extraction process. No pesticides are used in plantations. Our product comes directly to you from the farmers who grow it. For quality moisturiser products online and superior natural massage oil, you can’t go past Jojocare.